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Do you prefer the organizing features of digital note-taking apps over taking notes on paper? We feel the same way. Hence, in this article, we’ll present you 5 best free iPad note-taking apps.

With a little effort, these applications will provide you with all of the advantages of handwriting without losing the ease of digital organizing.

Note: All of the applications listed here are compatible with both the iPad Pro and Classic, however, the Pro’s bigger screen size makes taking notes simpler.

1. Microsoft OneNote

In the list of 5 best free note-taking apps for iPad, this is the first one.

Microsoft OneNote is a well-known notebook application from the organization. It’s completely free to use and comes with a number of handy productivity tools. This is an excellent option, especially if you currently use other Microsoft products.

Your notes are arranged in a sidebar by notebook, section, and page in this app. To make it simpler to organize, you may create sub-notebooks and sub-pages. Switching from one page to the next is also a breeze thanks to the user-friendly sidebar.

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You can write text, insert files, draw, change paper styles, record audio, and do a variety of other things. It includes a pressure-sensitive pen tool and a highlighter, both of which may be totally customized in terms of color. There are even some glitter pens available.

One of our favorite underappreciated benefits of using OneNote for note-taking is the option to store an infinite number of preferred pens and highlighters in the toolbar. It also gives you the option of selecting one of six stylus angles to best fit your writing style.

2. Apple Notes

We couldn’t talk about iPad note-taking applications without bringing up Apple Notes. The software is free with macOS/iOS devices and does an excellent job of allowing you to write or capture handwritten notes. The sketching tools of the program are particularly strong, making it simple to add sketches and images to your notes.

Aside from the fact that it is free, the most significant feature of Apple Notes is its tight connection with iOS. You can easily move between taking notes on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac if you utilize iCloud and other Apple devices.

Furthermore, anything you produce is immediately saved up to iCloud, and you can even create voice notes while on the move using Siri. Hence, we have put it on our list of the best 5 free note-taking apps for iPad.

Therefore, it has made its entry in the list of the 5 best free note-taking apps for iPad in 2021.

3. Notebook by Zoho

Notebook is a wonderful software if you wish to mix typed notes with hand-drawn diagrams and handwritten notes. The colors of a pencil, pen, and highlighter tool may be completely customized. In fact, the pencil tool provides one of the most lifelike pencil experiences available on a digital platform.

One of the cool features is the option to lock particular notes and establish a password to open them. Documents can also be scanned and immediately annotated. It’s worth noting that using the document scanner on Notebook is quite similar to snapping a photo.

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The only major drawback of Notebook is that handwritten notes are kept separate from other forms of notes, even if they are on the same page. This makes this application particularly handy if you just need to handwrite notes or sometimes incorporate a hand-drawn diagram into a page of text notes. That’s why we have put it in our best 5 free note-taking apps for iPad pro and classic iPad in 2021.

4. Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf is a secret of an app that does exactly what the name implies. There are no notebooks in the room, simply heaps of loose-leaf sketches and notes. The software is meant to make you feel as if you’re working on loose sheets of paper.

The iPad includes a variety of functionality that need two-finger gestures, such as closing loose-leaf stacks, switching pages, and erasing notes, which is surprising given how many motions the device currently has. Once you’ve mastered the motions, they’ll seem like second nature.

Therefore it made its place at 4th in our list of best 5 free note-taking apps for iPad.

The pen and marker tools are entirely pressure-sensitive, and there is no way to manually alter the thickness. Unfortunately, you only have five basic color options, but depending on your needs, this may be sufficient.

This app has several unusual capabilities, such as a Scissor tool in place of a Lasso tool and an asymmetry tool for mirroring your designs. It also includes helpful page layouts such as a blank music score and a blank to-do list.

5. CollaNote

These are the final apps from our list of the best 5 free note-taking apps for iPad in 2021-2022. This app provides a surprising amount of note-taking features for free. CollaNote is a great free alternative to popular note-taking applications like Good notes and Notability.

CollaNote includes the standard pen, pencil, highlighter, lasso, and eraser kit. You may add pen color and thickness combinations to your favorites for fast switching, and the colors are entirely adjustable.

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The ability to collaborate on notes with other users is CollaNote’s most significant advantage. You can even make public documents that function as “rooms.” If you work on a note with others, you may integrate everyone’s notes, saving time when taking notes.

The main disadvantage of CollaNote is that its text tool is not as simple to use. When you add text, you are sent to a different screen where you may type out all of your content or, by default, write it out with your Apple Pencil.

Bringing It All Together

Start taking notes on your iPad right now with any of these above best 5 free note-taking apps for iPad in 2021.

I hope that this post has demonstrated the interesting possibilities for taking notes on your iPad. It’s now simpler than ever to enjoy the pleasures of writing on paper while also taking advantage of the organizing capabilities of digital tools.

To get the most out of taking notes, you must make it a habit. You’ll appreciate our newest course if you want to develop the habit of taking notes (or any other effective habit).         

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