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Best ways to Study Through College and Start Freelancing

You might be wondering if going to college is worth it, or whether you would be better off making the move into freelancing straight after graduation. If so, we’ve compiled a list of some things that you might want to consider when starting out on your own – from what school to go to and how much you should expect to earn on any given day, to navigating loans and internships in order to make your first few months on the job and business profitable and fulfilling as they possibly can be.

Nowadays, college is not only important to attain a degree – but it’s also the perfect time to hit the ground freelancing right after graduation. You can even trade your way into full-time work or start your career while you graduate. So, what are some of the smartest ways to do it?

Find a hobby of your own

Many people struggle to find the time to pay attention in college classes. If you want to save yourself the trouble of getting distracted by homework, take up some new hobbies instead. These include painting, piano practicing, or playing video games. Five hobbies that can help your grades are reading, observing nature, doing yoga or meditation and reviewing with flashcards. Go to school first. It will not only help you progress as a person, but it will help your outline your career path, so you know what type of job you want to save for later in life.

Get a part time job to help finance your studies

While it is true that college tuition is rising faster than inflation, the benefits of studying more and going to more classes shouldn’t be underestimated. The key to successfully getting good grades with a full schedule is hitting the books hard. Getting a part time job can help novice students who are unsure about their career path make sure that they have enough money for passing classes, buying necessities and entertaining themselves between terms.

When most people start to think about their future, they don’t consider what it means to change gears and look for a college degree after graduating high school. The opportunity is out there: you have the grades, personality, and test scores. All that’s left is finding a way to put yourself in the same place as well-established entrepreneurs so your studies won’t be thrown off track.

Study the right way

Given the many hours that we have to study for classes and take exams, it can be difficult to find the necessary time to learn. Below are some of the best ways on how you can study and still find time for your “me time”. When you are studying for your exams and you start cramming, a few extra hours aren’t worth it because the information might not stick with you. Try these 10 best ways to study through college so that when you start freelancing and working with clients on their projects, freshmen will ace every single project!

  1. ‘The Art of Study’: This book is written by one of the best psychologists around, Timothy Ely and reads like an inspirational novel–one specifically on studying. The story includes different strategies to use before, during and after studying without getting distracted from video games or television shows.2.”Make Taking Notes Like Painting”: Make deliberate pauses between note-taking to stop your mind from going blank. 4.. ‘The Right Kind of Work’:

Study at the right time

Studies show that the best time to study may be during your sleep—but what is the right time? As with any career, skill, or initiative, this comes down to planning. You have a limited amount of time each day to maximize productivity. The key is finding the rhythm that works best for the way you study. So how should you tap into that sweet spot each day? Set alarms in your phone for wee hours! Researching the best time to study is challenging, but it doesn’t stop there. Learn from your college’s schedule, nearby parking options, and other factors as well. Ultimately, then decide if it’s possible for you to achieve if you’re making a career change now that requires using more than two-thirds of your bandwidth learning.

Apply for scholarships

Some of the most effective ways to do well in college are to find a study group, stay active on campus and always get help when you need it. If you were looking for tips on how to start freelancing, merely apply for scholarships to advertising yourself as someone who knows what he or she is doing. There are many scholarship opportunities for all students at any level, from high school to post-secondary. One important point to keep in mind is that scholarships range greatly and are not always available, so you should plan before applying by first finding out the specific components of your college education.

Write grants and create a 6-month plan for freelancing

One important thing to take in mind is how much money you can make with a grant. A grant has the ability to cover up to 90% of the starting salary, so you would be able to live off of the leftover percentage. For example: If your target salary is $3,000/month and after lining up a grant as a full-time job it will cover at least $1,200/month then that leaves $600 for your expenses along with extra for savings.

Participate in internships and work study programs.

Working while in college can enable students to start netting a few dollars as soon as they enter their field of study. Some students can take advantage of courses or internships that teach them how to write for the public. Though freelancing may not seem like an ideal career path, it is possible to earn $1,000 by writing for a publication.

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Myths, misconceptions, and facts about starting out on your own through internships or college:

  1. You need to be business or money-hungry in order to start a business
  2. Working multiple jobs will ensure you make enough financially
  3. If people want what you’re doing they’ll find out about it eventually
  4. Upwork and freelancing is always worth it financially

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