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As per facts and news, The UK is officially undergoing a recession. The UK’s economy has taken a hit owing to the pandemic crisis.

And with lockdown imposition, everything came to a halt in the UK. Many businesses shut down as a result, and many lost jobs as well. Unemployment is skyrocketing in the country, and industries like hospitality, fashion, retail, and events are the worst sufferers of the pandemic.

And this has led to a near-inflation situation in the UK, leading to costly borrowings like guaranteed car finance for bad credit. And the increased interest rate on the same has made ensuring great savings critical for existence.

In this situation, ensuring a sound financial backup has become critical for survival. What if you can secure your finances by grabbing a job offer those blooms irrespective of the recession?

Yes, you can!

Top 10 Recession-Proof Jobs to Ensure a Good Financial Backup

However, there is nothing like 100% recession-free jobs, but the following job opportunities can help you sail through the hard times smoothly. Here is how you can manage your finances, increase savings and keep finances intact to meet any urgency on the road:

1) Doctors or Medical professionals

The pandemic has witnessed an increased requirement for doctors and practitioners for proper management and attending to the patients.

With unpredictable COVID situations and general increasing health concerns and diseases, a medical professional is one of the best recession-proof careers. It includes non-medical staff as well- such as janitors, receptionists, ward boys, nurses, etc., as well. However, a cosmetic surgeon may not receive many clients in COVID-like situations, but it is one of the safe career options.

2) Mental Health professionals or Psychologists

Pandemic and other life issues affect health, wealth, and relationships drastically. A person experiencing isolation, anxiety, or depression may struggle with one or more of these conditions. Thus, one needs to consult a psychologist immediately and ensure mental peace.

Stress levels rise during the recession, and losing finances leads to depressed relationships and mental health issues.

It is because of this there is a constant need for therapists, psychologists, mental state counsellors, and substance abuse workers. Everyone responds to recession differently; some face panic attacks while some have anxiety disorders, and hence, one needs help. This is the reason mental health professionals- psychologists and therapists remain packed with consultations in recession. If you are seeking a secure career and want to share your skills, you can be a therapist.

3) Social workers

In the UK, social workers are in high demand due to the confusion prevailing in the country during the recession. Social workers help cope with their issues like mental issues, victims of crime, sufferers of violence, abuse, neglect of their families, facing abandonment, etc.

The role of social workers intensifies in a falling economy because a failing economy affects households for the worse. Moreover, especially with child abuse, a child undergoes mental trauma, behavioural changes, and neglect. This calls for the demand to be heard. Here, social workers play an indispensable role in voicing their concerns and helping them come out of the situation.

They work in multiple settings, like hospitals, schools, mental health clinics, human service agencies, and other places. In addition, this is the reason that makes it one of the lucrative job options in recession times.

4) Law enforcement jobs

There is no end to legal issues, and thus, lawyers often have packed schedules. However, with courts closed, hearings might not be there. Many businesses need lawyers’ help to ensure their business’s safety during recession times.

And it is something that makes the relationship between crime and the economy complex. The crime rate rises the most when the economy hits the surface, and thus, to counter this rate, a lawyer’s services are unavoidable and need of the hour. It is for this reason that a lawyer is never out of work.

Thus, professions like court record clerks, paralegals, courtroom security assistants, and legal assistants remain in demand, even in a recession. And when corporates lay off employees, a lawyer having his legal consultation firm prospers unaffected.

  • Debt and credit management counsellors

When recession strikes, most individuals turn to manage their debts either by consolidating them or paying them judiciously. And therefore, debt and credit management counselling services remain ineffective and active throughout the recession phase.

A debt and credit management expert can help you develop a budget, tell you how much you should use a credit card and whether you should take business loans uk bad credit. They will help you develop a credit management plan and provide you with tested and personalized credit score improvement tips.

Keeping great credit is essential for borrowing funds in emergency times, and thus, counsellors help you manage funds efficiently by helping you deal with debts and maintaining credit. Apart from this, consulting an expert in a situation like a recession can help you avoid bankruptcy and reduce your liability.

6) Educational Professionals

Recession or no recession, the importance of education and educational institutions never loses its importance. Instead, parents require a much more structured educational base for children to cope with studies in times like recession and pandemics.

Thus, if you are an educational practitioner, professor, or teacher, you may never run out of your job. Apart from the teacher’s help, a student needs a tutor’s guidance as well to understand concepts with clarity and perform better.

The classroom size will continue to increase, and so will the online learning experience. Thus, educational and professional flows swiftly even in times like recession. It guarantees job security in uncertain times.

7) Delivery and courier services

With many brick-and-mortar businesses shutting their doors in recession, online delivery services grab a quick pace. Since the advent of online services, nearly 80% of individuals shop online to meet their immediate needs or wants.

And this has led to the increase in demand for delivery services and delivery boys. In addition, businesses shifted to work-from-home mode require courier services frequently for transferring goods. This is the primary reason delivery, and courier services stay profitable in the recession phase as well.

8) Public transportation workers

Increased vehicle repossession and availability of a variety of public transport to commute to work or home has made it a nearly recession-free industry. Thus, transit workers like bus drivers, ferry movers, ticket collectors, and other public transportation owners do well during these tough economic times.

9) Emergency services

Even in recessions, the demand for emergency services such as fire extinguishing, evacuation, and ambulances remains the same. Thus, if you are a public service employee in the health care sector or public welfare, you might be least affected by the recession.

These services cannot be replaced in an emergency and are essential. Emergency does not come with an invitation, be it recession. Besides making the most of the economy, these services are necessary to ensure the wellbeing of individuals and belongings alike.

10) Funeral home director

In a recession, many professionals come to a halt, and so do live. People die even in the recession. It is an integral part of the life circle, and hence, one requires a funeral home director. It is not an easy career and indeed a courageous profession. Funeral home directors help families undergoing a loss of a loved one bid the final goodbye peacefully. And for this reason, they are never out of jobs.

However, there is nothing like 100% recession-proof jobs, but the above-listed jobs will help you maintain finances even in a recession. It is essential to remain financially armed to withstand recessions. If you are worried about your finances in a recession, you can analyze any of the above jobs and seek a credible job opportunity.

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