Best is a term that most people tend to argue over to bring out who really is on top. In the conversation for the best real estate photo editing software, no one really has proven which one is the king of all applications. Some claim that the best photo editing software for real estate images is the long-running offering by Adobe, which is Photoshop. However, recent years have given way to new and competitive real estate photo editing software which has shaken most people’s beliefs. There has been quite a number of real estate photo editing software online that have surfaced, giving the current market leaders a run for their money.

Suddenly, the concept of best is no longer that straightforward. If you are on the hunt for a real estate photo editing software to utilize for your enhancement needs this 2022, you should then take a look at every inch of the application you are looking at. But it shouldn’t stop there. With the plethora of choices, it would be wise to look at everything the market has to offer for real estate photo editing software since you might find what your heart desires at the best cost with the best features.

Criteria to Look for in Real Estate Photo Editing Software

Branding might not be enough to look at anymore. Getting your hands on the real estate photo editing software and giving it a whirl for yourself could help you decide properly. Of course, we can’t help if there is brand loyalty. The well-known names have always delivered and given consistently reliable results. However, as recent years have shown, anything is possible. New features here and there have captured the hearts and imaginations of professionals making the switch from their staple software to what they now consider the best photo editing software for real estate. Think about these things when looking to get your real estate photo editing software for 2022.

A Checklist of Tools

No editing professional will not ever go to war without their trusty editing tools. Photo enhancement in real estate requires a minimum set of tools to execute the necessary changes from light and colour adjustments to brushing and decluttering. Missing out on any single one could mean you never get to show the creative side of what you are envisioning. If for instance there is no selection tool in the application you are planning to subscribe to, then say goodbye to sky replacements via background removal. You better pray there is an automated module for that and that is just one of many uses of such tools.

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Convenience Features

Speaking of automation, seek real estate photo editing software with artificial intelligence. These work well in the background to assist you with the leg work while you just need to point it in the right direction. Of course, it sounds easier than it really is, but you will be surprised how much AI has brought ease and convenience to most editing professionals. What used to take many steps now just requires a couple of selections and you’re done.

The Right Price

Now that there are free-to-use options for real estate photo editing software, it becomes a challenge to decide if you will go for them as you can save quite the amount of cash. The thing is though, you may end up buying later on as your needs add up. Free real estate photo editing software online could be a good deal, however not all will be able to handle the complexity that real estate photos deserve. It could fall short of being able to do micro-adjustments and the like so it’s still best for you to try it out.

The Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software of 2022

The bout for the top spot is on and plenty of real estate photo editing software is keen on making the climb to the pinnacle. However, again, it’s not about being number one for everyone, it’s about being number one for the person who looks for it. Here are some applications that you might have heard of that could be a great cop this 2022 and get to know why they are.

Corel Paintshop Pro

With a free trial of 30 days, you will have more than enough time to check this one out. It is powered by AI and has a toolbox that can be customized for every user. Its ability to display colour will make your jaw drop in an instant.

Adobe Photoshop

A real estate photo editing software? Say no more. Adobe Photoshop has been proven and tested to cater to every technique there is in photo editing. Its depth in changing pixels to adapt to your every change is remarkable as it can show a flawless execution of enhancements.


There’s nothing better than PicMonkey’s one-click background eraser. Such efficiency could be leveraged by changing the background of exterior shots, accompanied by the ease of use of its interface, it is way above what any beginner in the industry could ever ask for this 2022.

Adobe Lightroom

It’s a staple that will never go away. You may always need Adobe Lightroom for its file management features and while you’re at it, enhance some images to make great outputs free of blemishes and full of life. Lightroom can be used in tandem with most applications, thereby making it a great partner for photo management and simple editing before the real guns are needed.

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How Do You Edit Real Estate Photos?

Now that you have your real estate photo editing software of choice under your belt, it’s time for you to get to work. You might have already tinkered around with the menu and features and the little quirks. So, what do you need to understand so you don’t get carried away and know how to edit real estate photos with the right mindset?

With Precision and Detail 

People, specifically potential buyers, are drawn in by the detail and flawlessness of photos, dressed up with the right level of detail and vibrancy. Precision in this case means your ability to ensure that changes are not noticed. The merging of the foreground to the background as part of the enhancement process needs to appear seamless and as if nothing has been touched. Details are simply the need to make even the littlest things pop out, gain attention, and lead to being sold.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Photo Editing Software

Again, the concept of best does not necessarily point to universal truth where everyone must abide in order to get the best outcome. In the context of real estate photo editing software, best could mean the one that fits your comfort and your requirements without compromising results for the cost.

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