Are you looking for the best online collage makers? You are in the right article because you will learn about the top 5 free collage makers list.

It may happen that one day you are working on a project or you have something for your studies and need a quick tool to combine a bunch of photos into one. Here comes the role of online photo installation sites, since these sites do not need to be installed on your device, as is the case with programs, you visit the site, upload and arrange the pictures, and then you will have accomplished the task very quickly.

Top 5 Online Photo Collage Makers

From this principle, many tools for collecting images in one image have been developed online for everyone to benefit from. However, some of these platforms may not be 50% guaranteed that the photos you upload on this site will be shared or sold. Well, let’s go directly to the list of the top 5 collage makers.


PiZap is a free online tool that allows you to collage your images in minutes. The site is a free photo-editing platform. But it provides you with a tool called collage which is a tool for collating several images into one.

The platform provides you with a vast number of image collage templates to suit your taste and the type of images you use, whether they are square, rectangular, or even circular. You can manipulate the edges of the image and the space between each image and the other. You will be required to register on the site via your email to use it.

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iPiccy is another online photo-editing site that gives you a set of powerful photo-editing tools, including a photo collage tool in one image.

There is no need to register within the site, visit the platform and enter the Collage tool to start, choose the appropriate template for you, and then upload the images to the site. The best thing is that you can manipulate the frame of your chosen photo, overexpose it, or change the spacing between the rest of the photos very smoothly.


FotoJet is a one-stop graphics maker where you can also collage your photos into one image in the usual way. Besides, you can also make your collages in very distinctive ways, such as assembling your photos in 3D templates or modern templates, or even magazine templates, and so on.

Visit the website and head straight to the Make a Collage section to choose from the wide range of photo collage templates. The nice thing is that you can manipulate your chosen photo frame by deleting a specific part, manipulating the scales, adding effects, etc.


Pixlr is a professional one-stop photo collage site. The platform has a wide range of photo-editing tools to allow you to have an all-in-one experience while you combine your photos. Also, you do not need to register within the site, and you can directly visit the site and start collecting your photos within distinctive frames.

After choosing the appropriate frame, upload the images and place them in the appropriate place to modify everything and work in an open environment as in the previous situation. The site provides you with an extensive collection of templates to assemble your photos professionally. You can also download the image after completing it in high definition.


Canva is a free photo montage site with a wide reputation in online image design and editing. It has a section for collecting images, where you can type the phrase collage images in the search box or the phrase collage to access all the free and paid templates.

All you have to do is register on the site as an essential step and then choose the template or theme you want to collect images on. Then upload the images, arrange them, and add some elements and text if you want more customization.

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This post tried to diversify between simple websites to speed up the process of photo collage and professional websites that offer you a wide range of amazing templates and frames for a great photo collage. But the thing that all these sites have in common is that they are free.

Some may not be completely free, but they certainly have powerful features that enable them to be on this list well-deservedly. This was the list of the top 5 free online photo collage makers.

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