Launderable feminine cushions are delicate to women, the climate, and the financial plan. They are produced using natural cotton, with a glossy silk contact layer, and made in the Czech Republic by ladies in a socially-mindful sewing manufacturing plant. Also, get a 30% discount on your favourite deals using Tree Hugger Cloth Pads Coupon Code.

Natural Cotton Satin Menstrual Pads

 On average, approx. 150 kg of non-biodegradable waste is created in utilized dispensable feminine things during one’s life. All in all, a pile, right?

Need to take care of business? Attempt reusable, clean cushions! You’ll before long discover that feminine material cushions have numerous masters.

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For what reason would it be a good idea for you to think about fabric feminine cushions?

  • Since they’re so relaxing! Dispensable feminine cushions are generally artificial materials; we offer natural cotton with GOTS affirmation. That is an alternate association!
  • They’re significantly more breathable than disposables, making them ideal for ladies who experience the ill effects of rehashed contaminations and comparative issues.
  • They’re slender yet really retaining.
  • Our material cushions have the best fit! They’re not cut from one piece of texture, wings included. The wings are sewn on the body of the pillow and are isolated by a fix around it. That amounts to nothing will spill onto the wings, and the cushion generally waits.
  • They’re a pleasure to take a gander at! (Particularly these glossy silk ones. Furthermore, indeed, we realize that nobody will see them. Yet, it doesn’t make any difference, you’ll know! Trekking about with a wholly planned piece suppressed in your clothes counts! -.

When to utilize a day cushion?

  • You may need something more engaging for the evening. Then again, towards the finish of your cycle, simply an underwear liner could get the job done. It’s an adequate substitute for an expendable sterile cushion.
  • Ideal for that later time after conveyance when you want to wear some insurance consistently. However, it doesn’t need to be as retained as in the primary days.
  • Truly appropriate who the individuals who experience the ill effects of light incontinency.

What number of material cushions do I want?

It relies upon the length and the strength of your cycle, which is highly individual for each lady and can’t be summed up. We’d suggest counting the number of dispensable cushions you use during your regular cycle and purchasing a similar number of reusable protectors.

Aren’t material cushions anything for you? Perceived, we have ladies like you in our group, as well;– all things considered, you ought to view our feminine cup, which is a distinct advantage for any lady who inclines toward inward security during her cycle.

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What is GOTS affirmation?

It’s the most elevated worldwide certificate in the bio-material industry. GOTS declaration ensures that the development of both natural cotton and the result is 100 per cent eco-accommodating and satisfies all applicable guidelines. Also, GOTS implies that the functioning states of those engaged with the creation are moral and fair.

Also, these cushions were made in our little sewing plant that utilizes moms of little kids or single parents, from ladies to ladies.


Place the cushion in your clothing, with the designed side confronting your body = the monochrome PUL side confronting your dress. Secure the cushion utilizing the snap or velcro affixing.


Wash before the primary use. For more data about upkeep, look.

Kindly note: After the main washing, the length of the item might be marginally abbreviated, as it is produced using regular material (100 per cent cotton), which will generally include therapist by its tendency. After it fades this one time, the length of the item is fixed, and no further shortening happens.

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