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Suppose you are not good at making your logo design and looking for a logo to launch your project, and you are lucky in this amazing digitalization world. Many offline and online programs can edit logos for free, and you only need to drag and drop the design elements with these logo makers, so it’s straightforward.

Someone who creates and edits a logo can charge up to thousands of dollars. But along with the development of current technology, it can be made easily using a logo editing tool without any installation.

Tools to edit or create logos appear because not all company owners can afford to pay a logo maker. Moreover, it will be challenging to pay for the design for SMEs that do not have a large budget.

It is undeniable that the logo is vital because it can show the identity of something, whether it’s a company, product, sports club, or even an eSports squad. This logo serves as a reminder symbol to be seen or accepted by the wider community.

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The best logo makers to create your logos


When you open the LogoMakr site, you are greeted with an editing page. This logo maker app has lots of basic tools that are easy for beginners. Write keywords or keywords in the search field and choose the logo design you like.

You can create your online logo by combining shapes, text, and colours. Then, click the option to save your design in the top right corner. There are various options for downloading images.

A high-resolution image costs $19 and will give you a PDF and SVG format vector file. As for the low resolution, you can download it for free.

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You can create a free online logo with various ready-to-use templates with the DesignEvo logo maker. Click one of the desired templates, and then you will be directed to a template editing page to redesign and customize your logo.

The best of best, you can download your logo project from DesignEvo. To download the file, click Download at the top right, and then an option will appear to download a high or low-resolution version.

However, if you want HD quality, you’ll have to pay $24.99 for a Basic subscription or $49.99 for a Plus plan.

In the Plus plan, you get the transparent PNG files and lifetime assistance like in the Basic plan and vector files in SVG format and the copyright for the logo design you create.


Zyro is one of the best tools for creating online logos, which is also easy to use and intuitive. You don’t necessarily be a professional logo designer to create an excellent logo design.

Just click the Create Your Logo button to enter the template page. The website has easy-to-understand settings and thousands of ready-made icons.

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This tool is efficient because you can choose a design by typing the desired name or image.

Pour your creativity through various shapes, sizes, colours, and fonts to create a logo design just the way you want it. After successfully creating the desired design, you can directly download it in PNG format.


This logo maker is also straightforward to use, and you can customize the graphics, colours, fonts, and more.

The autosave option of this logo maker will also be of great help to you. Then, a history list shows all the layers and elements you used to create your design.

While registration is free, the premium features and templates are only available through a subscription upgrade from Basic to Personal or Business plans.

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You can preview, share, or download the logo with just one click. You can share it via your social media platforms or in the form of a link. If you don’t want to share it, there’s an option to download it in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.


This tool, which has more than 1000 templates, is straightforward.

First, type in the company name or business name and click Get Started. And then, you will be asked to select a design.

Next, edit the design by adding text, icons, or other templates. You can also combine several designs to get the final result you want.

Click the Save option to save the design that has been created. You will then be directed to a particular page to select a resolution.

For the free plan, the resolution provided is 200 x 200. Meanwhile, the paid plan for $39 will provide a higher image resolution of up to 5000 x 5000 pixels.

You will get PNG and JPG files with the paid plans and SVG files. However, if you only want to use small files, the free plan seems to be more than enough.

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As commonly known, the logo is the face of your business. Making a logo means making a poster or advertisement so that many people know. This is what logo maker strives to be so that they are easy and fast to use. That’s the discussion of the best logo makers; hopefully, they help.

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