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Italy Itinerary 7 Days for your Mesmerizing Vacation

Where are you travelling this Spring? If it’s Italy then you’re on the right path as Spring & autumn are the best seasons for visiting Italy. Around 73% of users can only make a week free from their busy schedule. That’s enough to experience the retro architecture that only Italy provides.

This write-up provides a detailed itinerary to visit every part of Italy in just 7 days and explore the country from a new angle. The blueprint of this trip is designed to give you the authentic vibes of Italy in all terms. Experience the wines that Italy is famous for. Moreover, do not forget the lip-smacking pizzas. Read this post till the end and do not forget to check out the must-in-bag product list that can help you on your trip.

Major Tourist Attractions in Italy -The Must Visit

First of all, let’s understand all the major tourist attractions that we are going to cover on this trip. This includes famous restaurants, museums & another world-famous infrastructural marvel that are the pride of Italy.

St. Mark’s square

This place is a must-visit in Italy as it’s sinking slowly and in just a few years it’ll be completely submerged into the water. So do visit this place before it sinks.

Gondola ride

As we all know, in old times, people used gondolas for transportation and that’s how it became popular. Even nowadays many tourists enjoy these rides as it shows some unseen parts where you can’t go by foot or any other means.

The bridge of sighs

The bridge of sighs is a viewpoint and just looks spectacular. Experiencing such places with your family, partners, or friends is a next-level thing that you’re going to last forever in your memory. Some more information about this place is what you need to find out in real life.

Santa maria gloriosa dei Frari -Church

This Church has been the centre of attraction for the past several decades and if you’re into historic architecture, you are going to love this place.

La Zucca restaurant

This is one of the oldest Cafes in Italy and it is not even expensive. It offers great budget meals that let you taste the original food from Italy.

Bagno Eden Beach

Bagno Eden Beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Italy so far to enjoy the calm beach vibes and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

A pie de ma restaurant

This restaurant is a Lil expensive. However, for wine lovers, the aroma comes over money and this is why we added this to the list. Get the best wine with an unforgettable view.

Museo Stibbert

Explore the history and visit this museum to know as much as you want about Italy and its history in depth.


We know you were waiting for this. So, obviously, the trip won’t end without visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world. The colosseum is popular worldwide and every year more than a 50million tourists come to Italy especially for visiting this infrastructural masterpiece.


The Pantheon is the burial place of Rome’s king and one of the humongous structures standing proudly for years. Visiting this can simply add a retro vibe to your pictures.


A lot of tourists don’t really know but there are caves in Italy and we can’t explain how beautiful it is to visualise such natural creations.

There are so many places apart from these mentioned places, that we are going to know in the main itinerary. But if you don’t want to follow the plan we made, at least visit these places.

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Perfect 7 days Trip Itinerary for Italy Exploration 


Arrival at Venice

  • Find a Hotel near the centre of the city.
  • Visit St. Mark’s square
  • Take gondola rides & visit The bridge of sighs
  • Visita Santa Maria gloriosa dei Frari. This Church is not very far from the centre of the city.
  • Dinner at La Zucca restaurant


Early check out from hotel and reach Monterosso by 12 Pm

  • Visit the other side of Bagno Eden beach which most locals know about.
  • Enjoy the view of Vernazza during the day and your lunch must be at A pie de ma restaurant.
  • Enjoy the view of Vernazza at night and explore the local markets. You can even enjoy the boat rides.


Reach Florence by 10 Am as it is not very far from Vernazza

  • Visit Museo Stibbert museum and know a lot about Italy
  • Enjoy the food from Cafe Vivoli Gelato to taste the original ice cream and coffee from Italy.
  • For shopping, you must go to the Piazza Santo Spirito. This is a flea market where you can find great stuff.
  • Memorise the beauty of Giardino bardini garden.

DAY-4 & 5 in Rome

Reach Rome by 12 Pm

  • Visit the Roman forum and then the Colosseum near to it.
  • Go to the Pantheon if you wish to make your trip natural & raw.
  • Vatican museums are great places to explore in Rome.
  • Centro stories are necessary to taste the original pizza from the country where it got invented.
  • Enjoy the nightlife in Testaccio and explore the local bars and clubs
  • If you’re a cat lover, then visiting Largo di Torre Argentina can make you more than happy. You can find cats as a part of the culture in this locality and this is a good place for photoshoots.
  • Appia Antica Is the old road that connects Rome to entire Italy. A great place to learn a lot.


Reach maritime Island by 3 pm

  • Visit the most secret islands and enjoy private time with your loved ones.
  • There are beautiful caves accessible through boats.
  • Castello di punta troia is perfect for trekking and adventures
  • Scuba diving can enhance your experience as this place has another stunning life underwater.


Take your flight and get back to your home.

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Be Aware of these Scams

We all know that Italy is a great place for tourists but so is for scammers. Every year a lot of scammers come up with new tricks to fool tourists. If you are considering this Italy itinerary for 7 days for your next vacation, be aware of these listed scams.

  1. Pick picketing 
  2. Fake luxury products
  3. Fake car crash
  4. Unofficial tourist guides
  5. Overcharging taxes scam

Pack your Bag & Let’s Begin

This is the best Italian itinerary for 7 days for a short and cheerful vacation. It is suited for all types of travellers like couples, friends & family. Just be aware of the scams mentioned that can spoil your enjoyment. Moreover, using the products useful while travelling can enhance your trip experience.

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