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Have you ever heard that you are what you eat? This fact is not only for your skin or internal organs but also applies to the teeth and gums’ health. So, you should think about what you eat and what can be healthy for your teeth.

Most people can’t smile in front of others because poor teeth quality takes away confidence. In recent research, I have seen the number of people raised with tooth decay and many gum diseases because of excessive consumption of starchy and sugary foods.

But you should clear the air so that even with hygiene food, you can experience tooth decay. Such a fact says that you need to visit a dentist regularly. Many foods can help you enjoy life with a perfect teeth smile.

Let’s explore some of the best foods for teeth.

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  • Green and Black Teas

Polyphenols are a great source for teeth because it prevents the interaction with plaque bacteria. It also stops the bacteria from growing further and does not allow them to make any acid that can attack teeth. A cup of tea helps a lot to build teeth without plaque bacteria.

  • Fibre-rich Veggies and Fruits

People who eat fibre-rich food are most likely to have clean teeth and gums. Such intake maintains the saliva flowing, which is a blessing to fight off cavities and gum diseases. Researchers from smile dental clinic say that Saliva contains calcium and phosphate traces.

Such substances help to restore the minerals that have been affected by bacterial acids.

  • Eat Foods with Fluorides

You can take any fluoride water product or water with fluoride to consume that will help with your teeth. For example, you can drink powdered juices and dehydrated soups. If you want to eat prepared food, you should try powdered cereals, poultry products, seafood, etc.

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  • Cheese, Yogurt, and Milk

There are multiple benefits of cheese when it comes to supporting teeth health. Cheese is low in sugar but rich in calcium. It also includes the protein, casein. This protein is useful for fortifying tooth enamel. To keep the pH balance in the mouth, you should eat cheese because it is high in phosphate content and protects the tooth enamel.

Researchers believe that chewing cheese helps to produce saliva that is helpful to remove bacteria from your mouth.

  • Apple and Pears

Apple is beneficial for overall health and surprisingly it also helps in building healthy teeth and gums. Studies say that eating hard fibrous food and apples clean the teeth. You should avoid white sugar apples as they can cause tooth decay but fresh apples can help to reduce teeth and gums problems. For example, it reduces the cavity-causing bacteria.

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  • Meats and Fatty Fish

Omega-3 acids and essential nutrients produce enough saliva that washes off the bacteria from your teeth. It decreases the acidity in your mouth and reduces the chances of decay. For healthy teeth, you should consider red meat or meat organs.

Worst Foods for Teeth and Gums

  • Alcohol

We read everywhere that alcohol brings only health issues. A dry mouth is an even worse condition than you will experience after drinking alcohol. In this condition, your mouth lacks saliva that is essential to maintain dental health. Saliva helps to wash off the food particles.

  • Ice

Many people love to eat ice but chewing hard substances can result in damaged enamel. If you want to drink a beverage, add ice because it will not damage your teeth.

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  • Citrus

Acid contents in citrus foods can erode the enamel that can end up with tooth decay. Experts say that we should rinse the mouth with water after eating or drinking every citrus food.


 Experts from the Sadaqat clinic say that everyone should floss once a day and brush their teeth twice a day. Such a routine will help you to get rid of the food particles that can increase the chance of tooth decay and gum diseases.

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