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TwinSpark Blog | Is the Apple logo stuck on your iPhone? Don’t be concerned! Perhaps it’s simply taking a long time to get to the Home screen! If not, what should be done? How to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple logo? Let’s get into it!

Everything seemed to be OK until your iPhone restarted. However, the situation rapidly flips upside down as you discover something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’re weary of resetting your iPhone and putting it into your computer to see nothing happen.

Such a scenario can occur at any time, especially if something went wrong during an update or data transfer, software difficulties, physical damage, or even liquid damage, which causes the iPhone boot loop troubles. It doesn’t matter — what was the reason? Finally, it will make you frantic and frustrated to repair it.

So, what should you do if your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during boot-up?

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Why Did Your iPhone Stick to the Apple Logo?

Although having your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo is a frustrating scenario, you may be wondering what caused it. You’ll be able to find a dependable solution if you know what’s causing the problem. The iPhone boot loop, iPhone black screen of death, and iPhone stuck on the Apple logo are all caused by technical and physical damage.

Let’s look at the most prevalent reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple Logo:

Upgrade Issue

Such issues can occur as a result of an OS software upgrade. There might be a variety of other causes for this. When you try to install the latest iOS on an older phone, however, the iPhone device generally goes down.

Performing DIY Techniques

Attempting to conduct various jailbreak or DIY approaches on your own usually results in your iPhone becoming stuck on the Apple logo. Even if you choose a non-professional expert, you may wind up spending a large price to have it repaired.

Restoration and Updates

It makes no difference whether you’re trying to restore data from iTunes or iCloud; your iPhone will become stuck on the Apple screen. Your iPhone fails to display the Home screen while applying an update or conducting a routine restoration.

Hardware Damages can Make Stuck the Apple logo on Your iPhone

An unexpected drop or fall might harm your iPhone’s internal hardware, causing it to malfunction. It’ll be the cause of your iPhone’s inability to display the Home screen.

Liquid Damages

Spills of liquid are bad for electrical devices. They generally cause damage to the gadgets’ internal structure. Even a little droplet can damage internal hardware, resulting in the irritating Apple logo that refuses to move.

Software Issues

Software difficulties are one of the most prevalent causes of the iPhone becoming stuck on the Apple logo. A botched update, the usage of an earlier iOS version, or jailbroken methods might all be the culprits.

If Your iPhone Is Stuck on the Apple Logo, What Should You Do?

The Internet’s availability, as well as data recovery and repair specialists, have resulted in a variety of ways for dealing with iPhone white screen death and how to cure it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

There is a solution to every issue. We’ve included some repair ideas below to assist you in reviving your iPhone device.

Force Restart Your iPhone to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple logo

The first and most practical approach is to forcefully restart your iPhone. This could be useful in addressing the issue. Always keep in mind, however, that each iPhone model has its own set of requirements for restarting.

If you have an iPhone 6S or iPhone SE, simultaneously press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. You must hold them down for a few moments until the phone reboots and the Apple logo displays. Now, simultaneously press both buttons.

To remove the Apple logo off an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Side button and the volume down button for a few seconds. Don’t hold on to these two buttons after the logo appears; instead, let them go.

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Users of the iPhone 8 and later models must push and release the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down button. Press and hold the Side button now.

Hold the side button down until your screen turns dark and the Apple logo displays again. This must be done in the proper order. The majority of situations are resolved after this restarting step. This will reset the computer and ensure that it does not become trapped in a boot loop again.

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Reinstall iOS

If “force restart” does not yield any results, it is necessary to try another option, such as reinstalling iOS. Perhaps your phone was interrupted in the middle of an update, leading iOS to malfunction.

As a result, you need to connect your phone to a computer and locate it there. Now, repeat the “force restart” steps above until the Recovery Mode screen displays.

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This will be represented with a computer icon. When you’re given the choice to update or restore, choose Update. Thus, your PC will download and reinstall iOS without deleting your data.

Use System Repair Software to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple logo

If you still can’t get the desired outcome, look into system repair software, both commercial and free. These applications are designed to address problems in a short amount of time and aid you in resetting your Apple device.

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Tenorshare, iMyFone, Reiboot, TunesKit, and FonePaw are just a few of the iOS system recovery applications on the market.

Perform a Factory Restore to Fix an iPhone That Is Stuck on the Apple logo

It’s time to do a factory restore if your iPhone won’t turn on. This step will delete all of the information on your phone. However, before doing a factor restoration, make a backup of your phone’s data on your computer or using iCloud. Otherwise, you risk losing all of your important data.

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Follow the procedures up to Recovery Mode in the preceding sections to complete a factory restore. However, instead of selecting Update, you must now pick Restore from your computer’s menu.

Get Rid of Apple Logo Problem

Hopefully, you’ll be able to resolve the difficulties with your iPhone’s Apple logo. Now that you know the answers, you’ll never be stuck in a similar scenario again. If you get stranded, you already know what to do and where to go.

The article also includes a number of suggestions and strategies for resolving the issues. I hope these suggestions help you get started on the correct path.

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