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7 Facts About Tooth Whitening

Having properly aligned teeth is one thing, having white and pearly teeth is on a different aesthetic level. That’s why many people edit their photos to make their teeth look whiter.

But If your teeth have been darkened because of a few years of smoking back in school or poor maintenance, brushing your teeth back to their former glory might seem impossible. And it is for a lot of people since some persistent layers of plaque can only be removed by professional teeth whitening dentist.

 A lot of home remedies and over the counter whitening treatments from social media promise great results, but only at Smile Clinic will you find near permanent teeth whitening treatment.

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Most of those sub-standard treatments are only temporary, and some of them even contain white dye that’s actually harmful to your teeth. So be careful not to fall victim to fake teeth whitening magic solution advertisements.

Read on to learn more about how teeth whitening works, and what you should expect from Smile Clinic London.

Teeth are like sponges

 Your teeth may look sturdy and impenetrable, but they are actually full of pores that can absorb water and other material like natural food colour from coffee or even the smoke from your cigarette, or at the tar part at least. That’s how your teeth get deep stained, and you can’t get the yellowish colour out no matter how hard you brush, since it has leaked in the surface of your teeth.

The only thing that can extract the stain from the deeper layers of your teeth is the whitening gel used in professional teeth whitening treatment, which pushes out the stains stuck inside the pores.

Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth

Home remedies and futile attempts at scrubbing your teeth away trying to whiten them can damage your teeth and even gums. but with precision-oriented methods used in teeth whitening treatments, the pores in your teeth are exposed for a few minutes so a gentle extraction process can take place, which won’t damage the surface or root of your teeth, and won’t touch your gums. after the gel wears off, your pores close up naturally and return to their more resilient formation.

The key is the correct application

You can find products on the market for DIY use, none of them is provided with an appropriate device for applying the gel on your teeth, and the instructions are usually incomplete and misleading, which can actually cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Teeth whitening dentist uses a customized tray, modified to the arrangement of your teeth and bite, to apply the gel perfectly. This allows a unified whitening procedure, otherwise, there might be a difference between the colour shades of certain teeth.

Teeth sensitivity after is normal

If you have naturally sensitive teeth, the whitening process can be very irritating for you, especially in the aftermath of the treatment, where layers of plaque have been removed, exposing your enamel further. This will be solved with the passage of time, as your teeth get hydrated again. The whitening process can dry up your teeth temporarily, causing extra sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. So it’s important to avoid eating and drinking anything that could damage your currently vulnerable teeth.

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Teeth sensitivity is very common in adults, as our teeth are exposed to more bacteria and our enamels are worn out. However, it could be a sign of underlying infections or decay inside the tooth, which would make you eligible for root canal treatment.

UV light teeth whitening is temporary

One of the better-known methods of teeth whitening involves UV radiation. Used to activate the whitening gel, this high-intensity beam is approved for use in dental clinics in the UK, but it should be provided under the direct supervision of the chief provider in a clinic. This method is not recommended for patients with sensitive teeth issues, as it can potentially cause long term damage to their enamel and inflict pain during and after the procedure. In addition, the results of such practices are more unstable than our preferred method, in addition to being more expensive and difficult to administer.

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It’s important to mention that blue light teeth whiteners that are not used with the whitening gel are useless and only serve to damage your teeth by direct exposure to UV rays.

Stains on teeth cannot be removed overnight

There are no treatments available today that provide real and lasting results in only a few hours or a day. At the very least, and by adhering to all the instructions provided by your dentist, the process can take four days or more. That is, if you wear the customized trays in the timetable advised by your provider, and do not interfere with the steps of the treatment at home. The reason is that penetrating the deep stain layers and removing them takes longer if the safety of your teeth and their enamel are to be considered.

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While each whitening session is highly effective, the best results are only achieved if you follow through with the full duration of treatment.

Crowns, fillings and veneers cannot be whitened

In general, synthetic materials used to restore or replace your teeth are not affected by the special gel in the same manner, and in most cases, it does not react to the gel at all. so if you are planning on receiving such treatment, it’s better to have your teeth whitened first, so the dentist’s reference for picking the colour of the material isn’t darker than the original shade of your teeth.

Note: Teeth whitening procedures do not damage or interfere with synthetic dental replacement options.

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