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Do you spend hours finding a catchy title that can go viral on the internet and bring more viewership? Yes, everyone does want to enjoy the fruits of more viewership and good ratings. It is all possible by having catchy titles and topics of discussion. Today’s topic is centric on creating eye-catching titles and why it is necessary to use a content title generator. Along with the discussion, there will also be guidelines to make a catchy topic yourself. So Let’s begin with the guideline first.

How do you write a catchy title?

Writing a catchy title is not difficult if you have proper tools and guidelines. In fact, I say that it is the easiest part of content. It is also a fact that it comes with a little effort. So, the question is, what are the points you need to consider while writing titles. A brief description of those points is as follows;

 Keep It Short, Simple, and to the Point

Great headlines and titles directly come to the point and do not wander. Do not try to be clever with the words and intriguing. It will only ruin your topic and bring you nothing in return. Therefore, talk to the point, keep your title short and simple but eye-catching. If you are writing about a product, make things clear and talk about the benefits straightaway.

Be Clear About Your Main Point

Most writers remain unaware of their primary goal until the last steps of their content. Understanding the topic clearly before anything is the most important thing. Thus, you should be clear about your main point or agenda of the writing. This awareness will initiate the creative thought process. Creativity brings you the most eye-catching topic, and you will not need any content title generator.

Announce Something Exciting

Announcing something exciting can tempt the readers. Many readers open such links where they find some big offers. For example, a shoe brand offers up to 70% off on their new arrivals. This is exciting, and I am sure the reader will open this content and read it until the last sentence. Always look for something interesting like this in your idea of writing too.

Questions in the Title

A title starting with a question is very likely to draw more readership. Questions intrigue the audience, and they cannot resist opening the content. You need to tie the question to your main idea to be interesting. You will see this connection will attract many readers. Some example eye-catching titles starting from questions are below as shared by experts of assignment writing services.

  • What to Do with Your Dog on a Rainy Day?
  • Your Boss Wants to See You in His Office? Read This!

Appeal to You Reader

It is the most practical thing that a content title generator also does. The topic must appeal to the reader, and he should open your content at any cost. To do this, you can make use of “how-to” questions. Such questions appeal to the readers’ hunger for knowledge. He cannot do anything but click on the content.

How do you make a title interesting?

Making a title interesting is all that a content title generator does. I asked the expert writers how do you make titles interesting. The following are the tips mentioned based on their responses.

  • Using the numbers to give concrete information is very helpful. The number in the titles also define the readership of your content. For example, 5 tips to become a millionaire. The number 5 is very attractive on this topic.
  • Using emotional adjectives plays a good part in making the titles more interesting than a content title generator. Adjectives like incredible, essential, strange, etc., make the titles very interesting to read.
  • Using the unique rationale words can really make your catchy and interesting. Basically, the rationale tells your reader what he will take away after reading the article.
  • Use what, why and when in your title. These words intrigue the viewers and make the title very interesting to read. The content title generator also uses this technique to create titles.
  • Making a promise in your title can also be helpful in creating catchy titles. It sticks the reader until the last sentence. For example, you can promise him that he will learn a new skill after reading the article.

How can I create my own title?

            Creating your own title is the most challenging thing in content writing. All your viewership depends on your topic. If you are able to generate a good title, of course, you will enjoy a good readership. There are two ways of creating a title yourself. One is to follow the guidelines mentioned above and act accordingly.

The other method is using a content title generator. Such title generators can provide you with very attractive topics. Some top of the list title generators are as follows;

  • HubSpot, Blog ideas generator
  • The HOTH: Blog topic title generator
  • SEOPressor
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  • Content Row

What is the best title generator?

The best content title generator among those mentioned above is HubSpot. It is one of the top generators that provides you with eye-catching blog ideas and headlines. There is a tab in which you insert your keyword. You need to click on the generate title button, and five titles will be in front of you within no time. Remember that being the best content title generator, HubSpot only offers five titles for free. To explore it further, you have to buy its subscription.


  • It is an all in one place for all of the needs writers. The title generation, marketing sales and customer support, you can find all here
  • Moving things titles from HubSpot to another platform like WordPress is easy


  • It only generates five topics for free
  • The page builder is relatively difficult to operate


Writing a catchy title is the need of the hour due to advancements in SEO. So, create a topic for your blog by using a content title generator. These generators know what is trending top on the internet.

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