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With all the Ethernet cables available it’s hard to select the most suitable one. Therefore you could be thinking, “what is cat6 cable?” Well, it’s just one (Ethernet) cable that is like many others. It does, however, come with an impressive set of specs.

The specifications of this cable make it unique in comparison to other products. With its reliable bandwidth speed and high-quality jackets, you can utilize the cables for virtually all types of networking. Let’s find out the details of this cable.

What is Cat6 Cable in Network?

Based on the title, cat6 solid copper cable is a class six Ethernet network cable. Since its introduction, it has assisted businesses to create a local network. Prior to this, upgraded categories (5) cables had been commonly employed.

But their speed and bandwidth rendered them unsuitable for modern high-speed switches and networking devices. One of the best things about the cable is they’re retro-compatible with predecessors.

Cat6 Cables Exact Technical Specifications

From an insider’s perspective, the 6th generation Ethernet cable is quite impressive in terms of additions. These include:

  • It is made up of four twisting pairs (constructed from copper)
  • Each pair is tightly turned. This means that it provides lesser crosstalk
  • A spline is the only way to separate these pairs.
  • Most of these cables feature Unshielded Twisted Pairs. They are UTP classified.
  • The speeds for data transfer here can reach 1Gbps.
  • The maximum bandwidth that can be supported is 550 MHz.

With such impressive (figures) It shouldn’t be difficult to assess the endurance of the cables. So, they’re an excellent choice for all applications that use Gigabit Ethernet.

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Some Common Applications of Cat6 Cables

Here are a few typical applications for this cable:

  • Perfect for (Gigabit) Ethernet Applications
  • Supports 10-BASET, and 100-BASET and 1000-BASET applications.
  • This is appropriate for any POE (Power over Ethernet) applications.
  • Therefore this one cable is able to be used in numerous applications. The enhanced speed of transfer makes this cable different from other options.
  • It is available in various jackets

There are a variety of (outer) jackets available with this type of cable. For example, cat6 plenum-rated cables are quite popular. They have a high-quality Plenum jacket that is not only fireproof but also ideal for outdoor installations. Many businesses and organizations purchase these (cables) to be installed in plenum areas. Therefore, you can expect high-quality speeds even in the most challenging conditions.

Additionally, you can purchase cables in a variety of lengths. For example, cat6 solid copper 1000ft is a popular version. It is possible to cut the length into different pieces to make it easier to network.

So, cat6 Plenum cables have dominated the market to such an extent that a lot of people choose with their eyes shut. They know that they’ll get fast speeds and don’t have to spend excessively.

If you are looking to upgrade your network to speed up look at this offer in a safe way.

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You now know everything about cat6 cable. As we highlighted it’s a networking cable that comes with a variety of excellent additions. It’s difficult to choose not to recommend this cable for fast networking.

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