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TwinSpark Blog | Interviews for cabin crew and flight attendants can be stressful. You can feel overwhelmed if you aren’t prepared for the inquiries. We briefly examine 11 cabin crew interview questions and their responses in this guide.

We also assist you in evaluating these questions through the eyes of hiring managers so that you understand what they want to hear and how to impress them.

Q1. Why do you want to become a cabin crew member?

I want to be a cabin crew because I believe that I have qualities that are needed for this job. I love working with people instead of working in front of a computer. I’m also flexible and definitely can easily adjust to my environment. I’m willing to work in a team to achieve a common goal. Aside from that, I can offer the best customer service that will make customers want to fly with your airlines again.

 I want to inspire people and learn from them.

I remember when I had a small talk with an Flight Attendant during my flight and when I asked her about her job she didn’t hesitate to share and give advice and because of that I feel more inspired to pursue my dream.

And this memory sticks with me after all these years. I want to be a flight attendant because I wish I can leave such a powerful memory in somebody’s life.

Q2. Why do you want to work for our airline?

Prior to attending the selection process, I researched a number of different airlines before deciding to apply for yours. I was impressed by the quality of service the airline offers and I already know that it has an excellent reputation. Your customer service standards are high and the quality of training all cabin crew members receive is exceptional.

Having spoken to some of your existing employees, all of them were very happy in their work and stated that you are a very good employer. You are an exciting airline that has achieved much to date and I like the fact that you are always looking for innovative ways to improve and develop.

I would like to work for an airline that cares about its customers, which you do. If the customer is happy and their experience of flying with you is a good one, they are likely to come back again.

I would love to be a part of this team and believe the qualities I have will help it to continue to move forward and stay ahead of its competitors.

Q3. What makes you better than the next candidate and, therefore, why should we hire you?

“Even though I can’t give an accurate reason why I am better than another candidate whom I have never met before, What I can tell you is that my key qualities as a person and previous experiences have been preparing me to be perfect for this role.

In school, I am part of the Swimming Team wherein for years I have worked with my teammates to achieve a common goal. We motivated each other to be better at our training every day and help each other should we need more coaching.

I am very active in the school’s social functions being the President of the Student Council and this has helped me deal with different types of people, from teachers to co-students, from charities organizations to the less fortunate beneficiaries of our projects that our administration was working on with during the time.

After school I started working in a call center, Wherein I specialize in the customer service field. every day we deal with irate customers and it is our job to deliver a high level of service to ensure their problems are solved and expectations exceeded.

Because of all of these, I believe that I am a great fit for this job”

Q4. What is your weakness and how do you overcome it

“I feel that my attention to detail is my weakness. I want everything to be perfect. Sometimes I get so caught up in a small detail that I forget to see the big picture. When I get into a task I tend to put all my attention into it that everything else falls away.

This is sometimes inconvenient because I tend to neglect other important tasks and I take a longer time to finish a task than the allotted time. It was pointed to me in the past, and I saw to improve myself then onwards. I managed to find ways to balance both the details and the overall situation.”

Q5. What challenges will our airline face in the future and how could you, as a cabin crew member, help us to overcome these?

“I believe the most challenging part that the airline might encounter in the future is the stronger competition when it comes to lower airfare. But I guarantee, if you offer them an excellent service they will always come back and be loyal to the airline. From my own experience, I’ll rather pay more with an airline that is well known to have good customer service and value for money instead of paying a little less but I will be stressed.

My naturally warm and cheerful personality paired with excellent customer service skills will be an asset to the airline as part of your front liners in the cabin crew team.”

Q6. Do you think you will find the change of lifestyle difficult to adapt to if you are successful in becoming a member of the cabin crew team?

“No, when I took up Tourism Management we are trained that in the future we need to be flexible and that any time the work needs us we should be there no matter what. We even did our internship outside of the country to ensure that we are able to acquire the skills of adapting to a new environment and getting out of our comfort zone. In my experience, I quite like the change of environment and learning the skill of adjusting to people, project demands, and new physical location.

 As a cabin crew aspirant, I am fully aware of the implications, including the change of lifestyle it will bring.”

Q7. How would you deal with somebody in a work situation who you felt was not pulling their weight and working as part of the team?

“First of all, we are working as a team. We need to be aware of everybody’s situation so if I notice someone who is not giving attention to work. I will talk to her in a manner that she will not be offended. I will ask what’s bothering her and I’m willing to help.”

Q8. How do you feel about working with people from different cultures and backgrounds?

“I find it very interesting because working with different people every day means and every day of learning. You are able to share your experience and learn from them as well. I don’t see any problem working with people with different cultures and backgrounds as long as we are respecting each other’s beliefs and differences we can unite and be successful as a team.”

Q9. What is the best example of customer service that you have come across?

“The best customer service that I experience is when I assisted someone who has been stuck in a long queue in the immigration and he almost missed the flight. When I noticed him I immediately call to the boarding gate, then I help him to be prioritized in the immigration. He is very thankful and happy that I found him and even offer me cash but I didn’t accept it, then he told me that he had never experienced that kind of service before in the other airlines and even he told me that he will come with the same airline and look for me.

And also, when I assisted someone who couldn’t speak nor read English and was not familiar with the airport process she is just accompanied by a relative up to the check-in counter and then they approached me if it’s possible to assist her and without any hesitation, I guided her up to the boarding gate then she smiled at me after as a sign of appreciation and thank you. Providing personalized customer service is the best thing. I love my work because I am able to interact personally with the passengers.”

Q10. What do you think makes a successful cabin crew team?

“To be successful as a team, you should have good communication that is the most important.

Next is everybody should be aware of what the common goal is and what part they play to help achieve that common goal.

Good camaraderie and a respectful way of treating each other will also help keep the team on high steam. This means always involving others and being able to see other’s points of view.

A great team is flexible and supportive and if things went wrong everybody should remain positive to find an immediate solution.”

Q11. If you were not successful today would you re-apply?

Yes, I will be more determined to try again and list down the things I need to improve and work hard in order to fit in this job.

Wrapping Up

I believe that this article will provide you with a thorough understanding of cabin crew interview questions and answers, which will help you in becoming a cabin crew member.

If there are any questions you’d want to ask me?   Then please leave a comment in the box below, or contact me through my Facebook page or YouTube channel of the same name. Also, share this article with all of your friends and encourage them to pursue careers in aviation.

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