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Car owners are limited to the number plates that have a random and meaningless combination of numbers and letters. Car owners that want to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd search for unique and meaningful personalized private number plates. But is it possible to get a private number plate for the same cost as a standard-issue number plate? The answer to that question is NO as you will need a material sum of money to buy a very unique personalized number plate.

It is however possible to buy a personal number plate at an affordable price. Anyone who wants to buy a personalized number plate can search the DVLA website or a trusted registration broker’s website to find their ideal combination of letters and numbers. The buying and selling of personalized number plates can be risky as legal entitlement to the number plate can be disputed should the transfer process fail after the money has been exchanged between parties. It is for this reason that you need to be ultra-careful when buying privately.

If you plan to buy a car for yourself or gift a personalized number plate to someone, you need to keep a number of things in mind. It is necessary to keep the below-discussed points in mind for securing your investment safely and securely. In order to avoid getting into a stressful situation, let’s check the dos and don’ts of buying a personalized number plate.

Here are the things to consider as Do’s

  • Do set a financial limit: 

You need to set a budget for yourself as the first stage in the process. High-Quality private plates don’t come cheap, and you need to ensure you avoid paying a high price by setting a limit for the expenditure. Most of us want to avoid overspending and it is wise to look for online sites where private number plates are being marketed. You can save money by buying the number plates from online sites and be confident that by using a trusted broker you are not going to pay over the odds.

  • Be flexible: 

You should always be flexible with your options for the type and format of number plates. Before starting looking for the private number plates, it is important to decide which combination of letters and numbers you would like to display on your vehicle. If you are interested in cars and bikes and want to make your vehicle unique then investing in a number plate is an ideal way to achieve that unique look. The popularity of private plates is increasing on an annual basis, and being flexible with your options should ensure you make the right investment decision at the right time. When you have inflexibility, it can lead you to pay over the odds. Flexibility will also help to save your time and to make the process more time-efficient.

  • Understand your lifestyle: 

There are a variety of plate styles available in the market. If you are going to register a number for the first time, you may make the wrong decision. Understanding the different styles can help you to reach a conclusion more quickly. You need to decide which combination and style are going to best suit your vehicle and, of course, your budget. The dateless style is increasingly popular as it is recognized by most investors that these hold their value and increase in value over time.  The UK’s private number plates are available in 4 different styles, which include current, prefix, dateless, and suffix styles. The different styles command different values that you need to fully appreciate and understand before choosing any numbers!

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  • Choose an appealing plate: 

The UK’s private number plates are on display at the front and rear of the car and they are a prominent feature of the vehicle. You need to ensure the format of the number is suitable for the type of vehicle. Some people look for high quality and expensive plates to show their status. These high-value number plates do not suit a low-cost vehicle just as low-cost number plates don’t suit an expensive luxury vehicle. Always choose a number plate that matches your personality and that represents good value whatever your vehicle.

Here are the things you should consider as don’ts

  • Avoid paying extra: 

Before purchasing a private plate, you need to be aware of the price range for the type and style of plates. Make sure when buying online that there are no hidden costs. You should also be armed with the knowledge of the DVLA processes and do not under any circumstances buy a personalized number without understanding the fundamentals of the process. Reputable brokers will inform you of any additional charges, where these apply, due to your specific circumstances, while some less reputable brokers will deliberately mislead you. It is always a good idea to get in touch with experienced subject matter experts.

  • Avoid using plates that are not assigned to your vehicle: 

There is quite often a misplaced belief that you can buy a set of acrylic number plates with the registration number of your choice. It is quite often a number that already exists and is already assigned to someone else’s vehicle. You shouldn’t under any circumstances use number plates that bear a registration number that is not assigned to your vehicle and not registered with DVLA. This is a breach of UK law.


By fully and thoroughly considering the above-discussed points, you should be able to safely and securely buy a personalized number plate. Buying a personalized number plate is a dream for many, and to avoid it becoming a tragedy you need to ensure you follow the guidance of the experts

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