Summary: Video Editor Tools for MacBook are essential for MacBook users who want to edit videos, whether for making quick changes to short films or for professional video editing work. Therefore, we have made a list of the 10 best video editor for MacBook.

1. Apple’s iMovie

Apple’s iMovie is a video editing software that you can use for a variety of purposes. It has a robust set of key editing features that makes it the most loved apps among others. Moreover, you can also paste clips, cut their duration, add audio, transitions, titles, trimming, color boosting, and other basic video editing things.

iMovie’s advantages:

  • Simple to use
  • Has a robust video editing technology and a plethora of key video editing features
  • Easy integration into the Apple ecosystem


  • Only two levels are free

2. DaVinci Resolve Studio

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the best video editing software for mac, that combines video editing with color correcting and visual effects features. In addition, dynamic visuals and audio post-production are available. It is a non-linear video editing software that is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, as well as Linux. Moreover, it is a non-linear video editing software that works on both Mac and Windows computers. It is the best video editor for MacBook for usage with Linux.

DaVinci Resolve 17 has received a significant upgrade, with over 100 new features and 200 enhancements. Moreover, the color correction page has been updated with HDR color correction tools, a redesign of the first-level color correction control tools, and the addition of the AI-based Magic Mask feature.


  • Professionals in Hollywood frequently use it.
  • Color adjustment is built-in.
  • Tools for audio post-production


  • The operation is a little tricky.

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3. video

It is one of the most effective online video editing apps for Mac users. This tool allows you to make awesome-looking internet movies with text overlays, photos, stickers, and other features. It also allows you to customize your films using 5000+ themes and millions of Stock media components from prominent stock media providers such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

Because its UI is simple to use and popular among novices, this video editing application may be used by both beginners and pros.


  • Easy GUI to use
  • Mac OS X is simple to use
  • Works Smoothly with new and old Mac OS X


  • Unable to create speech with the same quality as a genuine human.

4. Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the best video editors for MacBook. It has been around for almost thirty years and is a non-linear editing pioneer. It’s a favorite among Hollywood directors, and it’s been used to edit a slew of blockbusters.


  • Simple to use
  • Adaptable to a variety of formats
  • Professionals in the film business adore it.


  • In the free version, there are less functionality & export formats.

5. Blender Video Editor

The Blender application may be used to add 3D animation to your movie. This software is a 3D graphics software with some video editing features built in. It’s great for animating films, generating visual effects, virtual reality, motion graphics, and other video components and sequences. Blender is a video editor that is both free and open-source. As previously said, you’ll need Blender to add animated titles to your films in OpenShot.


  • Design and animation should be excellent
  • Has a liquid and smoke simulation
  • Heavy painting textures can be run


  • Learning is difficult

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6. Premiere Pro 2021

This video editing software is a popular choice among professional editors. If you’re seeking a professional video editing tool, Adobe Premiere Pro 2021, a popular computer video editing software package, is a good option. You may also try Adobe Premiere Pro 2021, a video editing tool for computers that have received a lot of positive feedback from users. Therefore is one of the best video editor for MacBook inn 2022.


  • Tools for professionals
  • Color correction, virtual reality editing, and effects


  • To run successfully, you’ll need a powerful computer.

7. CameraBag Pro

CameraBag Pro is a simple-to-use, lightweight video editor. It is a fast-running software that can flawlessly edit your photos. Also, filters are available, and batch modifications are simple to implement.


  • The Size is small.
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Editing in batches is possible using Setapp.


  • Dedicated solely to video display editing

8. Video Editor Capto

Capto is a screenshot-taking application. Your video clips can also be edited. Capto’s editing features will be sufficient if you only need to cut or trim films, apply overlays, or merge segments.


  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for short videos
  • Setapp has a powerful screen recording feature


  • Only editing capabilities and effects are available.

9. Final Cut Pro Video Editor

Final Cut Pro is a collection of video editing software for professionals. It comes with a variety of editing capabilities, including dynamic graphics, color grading, and multi-camera editing. Widescreen projects may also be cropped to fit various social media formats, resulting in amazing advertising films. Therefore, it has a place in our list of a best video editors for MacBook in 2022.


  • On a Mac, it runs smoothly
  • Professionals adore it
  • A wide range of first-rate video editing tools are available


  • Use a large amount of disc space

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10. Camtasia Video Editor

Camtasia is a tool that allows you to create instructional films, operating ways videos, training videos, interpretation videos, tutorials, and teaching videos, among other things. The equipment includes a voice recorder and a video editor. Moreover, Camtasia is software that allows you to record your screen, apply effects, and share the finished result. This is why it comes in our list of the best video editor for MacBook in 2022.


  • Tutorials, educational videos, and translators are all possible with this tool
  • Recording capability is built-in
  • Quizzes and interactive features


  • Only a few editing tools are available to change the aesthetic of the original video

Bringing It All Together

To make films on your MacBook, you’ll need the best video editor, and there are a few to select from. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most dependable and secure tools, which are used by a wide range of individuals.

Following that, the original video material must be edited into snippets, movies, or music videos. Hence, you can choose the best video editor for MacBook from the list above.

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