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Places in Nepal

Nepal is a small nation, but there are so many large mountain ranges to see that you won’t be able to see them all in a single day if you go there by plane. Furthermore, travelling to Nepal only for the sake of seeing Mt. Everest is only a small piece of this magnificent country’s puzzle.

Best Places in Nepal

Even more natural beauties await discovery, and here are ten of them to include on the bucket list that you can visit in Nepal in the spring season and the December Global Holidays.

The Annapurna Himalayan Range is number one on the list.

The Annapurna Mountain Range, one of the most hazardous mountain ranges on the planet, is situated east of a wide valley created by the Himalayas and fed by the Kali Gandaki River, which is one of the world’s most deadly rivers. This Himalayan mountain range runs over more than 55 kilometres, with the tallest peak, Annapurna I, rising to an elevation of 8091 metres.

The Annapurna massif is comprised of six main peaks that reach beyond 7,200 metres in elevation, making it a physically hard trekking destination that requires the stamina and patience of a climber.

Avalanches, on the other hand, pose a significant hazard to anyone attempting to reach the summit, since the natural phenomena have been known to claim the lives of many who attempted to reach the summit’s highest point in the past.

Sarangkot No. 2 is a military installation in northern India.

In order to fully appreciate the breathtaking Annapurna Mountain Range, you need to pay a visit to Sarangkot in Nepal. Be advised that this is one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations, so expect to be surrounded by swarms of people.

The grassy helicopter pad at Sarangkot is a good place to take a rest if you prefer peace and quiet. View the beautiful Himalayan dawn and sunset from here, with the sun dipping in and out of the peaks and changing the colours of the sky as it does so.

You may also attempt paragliding to get the greatest views of temples, lakes, woods, and villages if the panoramas of Pokhara and the Himalayan peaks aren’t enough to satisfy your wanderlust.


In contrast to the other glacier lakes that link to it, Gosainkunda draws the biggest number of visitors as compared to the other glacier lakes that connect to it. It is located north of Kathmandu.

It is during the full moon festival in August that Hindu pilgrims go to the lake, believing that the lakes were formed by the deity Mahadev (Shiva), whose image may be seen in its centre in the water. The lake is a famous location for photographers to shoot their work.

You will be treated to breathtaking vistas of the Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Annapurna massifs, which will take your breath away as you go over the mountains. Buddhists consider this to be a holy location as well.

The fourth is the Narayani River, which is located in India.

A tributary of the Ganges in India, the Narayani River (also known as the Kali Gandaki or Gandaki River in southern Nepal) is one of Nepal’s most significant rivers and is one of the country’s most important rivers. In Nepal’s northern region, it is sometimes referred as the Krishna Gandaki.

Known for its towering canyon that cuts through the Himalayas, as well as for its enormous hydroelectric generating potential, the river is a popular tourist destination. You may go on canoeing trips and ride down the river while taking in the views and sounds of the surrounding environment and wildlife, among other activities.

Kala Patthar takes fifth position in the overall standings.

Kala Patthar is a minor peak (not truly a mountain) in the Himalayas whose name translates as “black rock” in English. It is the highest point in the region. When travelling to Everest Base Camp, the roughly 5570-meter-high mountain, which is situated at the foot of Pumori and above Gorakshep, may be seen from the path up to the summit.

Due to the fact that it can be climbed without the need of specific climbing equipment or mountaineering skills, the mountain is one of the most popular trekking locations in Nepal.

Views of Mount Everest, Nuptse Nup II, and Changtse may be viewed from Kala Patthar, as well as a peek of Lhotse’s summit, which can be seen peeping through the clouds, can also be seen from this location.

Located in the Philippines, Lake Phoksundo is a large body of water.

It is only by foot or horseback that trekkers may reach Phoksundo Lake, which is located in the remote region of Dolpo and offers a more panoramic perspective of Nepal’s amazing natural riches than from any other location in the country. Nepal’s deepest lake, it has crystal clear waters and is devoid of any evidence of aquatic life, yet being the deepest in the country.

Visitors should be aware that the lake, which is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, seems to be attractive for a refreshing dip, but they should also be informed that it is a Buddhist holy place, and swimming and bathing are thus banned.

Seventh on the list is Poon Hill, which lies in the city of Poon Hill.

Poon Hill, along with Kala Patthar, is a must-see attraction that should not be overlooked. As you travel around the country, you will get the chance to see a variety of communities with a diverse range of cultural origins.

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The route will not be difficult to manage since you will not be forced to ascend to tremendous heights. Trail users of all skill levels, as well as youngsters under the age of 10, will enjoy it. You will be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking mountain vistas despite the fact that it seems to be extremely straightforward.

The Gokyo Lakes are situated in the Himalayas, and are a popular tourist destination.

Going to Gokyo Lakes is like discovering a hidden treasure in the Everest area, and it is well worth the effort. In order to see these lakes, make sure you give yourself enough time to finish the journey before you go. From the Everest Base Camp, trekkers go north to the Gokyo Lakes through the Sherpa hamlet of Namche Bazaar, where they will spend the next several days until they reach the valley where the lakes are situated.

However, when it comes to the most popular trekking areas, solidarity is sometimes overlooked; however, this is not true on the Gokyo Lakes expedition. Walking up the higher valley to the lakes, where you can witness the ice flow on the glacier lakes nearby, will take you three days of hard labour and dedication, and you will be rewarded with spectacular views.

Phewa Lake is the eighth place on the list to check out.

As Nepal’s second-largest lake, Phewa Lake has an abundance of natural beauty, owing to the presence of a dense forest known as the Rani Bani and a rich assortment of wildlife.

A breathtaking reflection of the lush green flora that surrounds it, Phewa Lake has an emerald tint and reflects the Annapurna mountains on the surface of its waters, making it a popular tourist destination. You might choose to take part in one of the many boat rides that are offered, or you can just stroll around the lake.

The Garden of Dreams is a fantasy world where people may come and go as they like

You may visit the Garden of Dreams if you’re already in Kathmandu’s Thamel neighbourhood and searching for a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Garden of Dreams, also known as Swapna Bagaicha, is a tiny garden with hundreds of wonderful antiques along the path leading from the gateway to the fountains and ponds. The Garden of Dreams is a popular tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. The Garden of Dreams, also known as Swapna Bagaicha, is a popular tourist destination in the city’s centre.

These are some of the best places to visit in Nepal. We hope you enjoyed our content. Here you can also check most beautiful places to visit in canada. Must share our article with your loved ones. Thanks for your attention.

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