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Louis Vitton Bags

Louis Vuitton has been creating a glamorous appeal to the fashionistas across the world for decades. Its stylish products and superior craftsmanship made it a legendary name in the world of fashion.

This brand had started its rag to riches story in the year 1854 when French Emperor Napoleon III called Vuitton to prepare an exclusive bag for his Empress Eugénie. Louis Vuitton was a luggage handler at that time. He used to design various luggage for affluent families. Get authentic Louis Vuitton handbags Australia at affordable rates at My Luxury Bargain.

So, from the beginning of the invention, Vuitton used to serve elites only. He used to target the royal clientele or upper classes that were in love with quality and functionality. Gradually, it became a roaring business and an iconic name in the world of fashion.

Louis Vuitton who started his career as a luggage handler soon redefined the whole travel industry with his designer bags. The superb combination of leather canvas with an instantly recognizable LV monogram has become the symbol of globetrotting extravagance. Till now these luxurious products are ruling the fashion industry. So many counterfeits tried to imitate their timeless appeal but failed. So be careful before investing your hard-earned money in these investment pieces.

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Purchase Louis Vuitton (LV) Handbag Australia at Discounted Rates

My Luxury Bargain was born in 2011 and soon blossomed into a renowned online luxury consignment in Australia. If you are an intrepid fashion enthusiast, this is the ultimate solution for you. Here you’ll get vintage handbags to limited editions from your favourite fashion house Louis Vuitton at a discounted price.

You don’t have to worry about the quality or authenticity because they have a professional team to inspect these things. This inventory carries the best luxury products and updates them seasonally. You can avail of up to 70% discount on each handbag. Yes, you heard it right. That’s how they are flourishing in this competitive resale industry, and fashionistas across Australia prefer this luxury consignment.

List of Top & Best 5 Louis Vuitton Handbags

Let’s take a look at some of their latest Vuitton collections.

LV Monogram Canvas Eva Pochette Handbag

The Louis Vuitton Eva Pochette is a perfect wardrobe staple. This stylish handbag is crafted from durable monogram canvas and adorned with stunning gold-tone hardware. A detachable shoulder strap is given to make it convenient for daily use. Its canvas-lined spacious interior will hold all your necessary items stylishly. Pair this stunner with any casual wear and swiftly steal the spotlight.

LV Black EPI Leather Brea GM Handbag

This black beauty has taken the market with its sophisticated look. Crafted from durable and high-quality Epi Leather, it features a black detachable shoulder strap. Its silver-tone hardware complements the overall look. The top zipper opens to a roomy fabric-lined interior. It’ll carry all your girly items safely. You can pair this stylish tote with any formal wear and get a look of a corporate diva.

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LV Vintage Monogram Canvas VAVIN Handbag

It’s one of the rarest items that represent French sophistication. This vintage piece is crafted from high-quality monogram canvas and beautifully decorated with stunning gold-tone hardware. Its Alcantara lined interior has adequate space to carry all your daily essentials. The iconic LV monogram canvas and unusual design make it a perfect investment piece.


If you are hunting for something cute and elegant, then your search ends here. Its instantly recognizable Damier Ebene canvas has taken its look to the next level. Additionally, the brand’s iconic logo is engraved on its slip lock closure. Its leather-lined pink interior has an open pocket, an ID compartment, and nine card slots.

LV RED EPI Leather Saint JACQUES PM Handbag

Louis Vuitton Saint Jacques Bag is a steal. This one is crafted from durable Epi leather and decorated with gold-tone hardware. It’s Alcan Tara lined roomy interior holds a zip pocket and carries all your essentials safely. No fashion-conscious woman can ignore the breathtaking beauty of this elegant tote.

I hope you were enjoyed reading this post, and if you are a fashionable person and want to buy genuine Louis Vuitton handbags in Australia, visit My Luxury Bargain and buy your favourite handbags at the best rates.

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