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Are you dissatisfied with your IELTS score? Do you believe you deserved to receive more bands than you did? If you answered yes, you can request an IELTS revaluation and submit an online inquiry on results (EOR). Keep in mind that the remarking procedure and fees are the same for IDP and British Council, so there’s no need to follow a specific criterion to have your IELTS exam re-evaluated by a panel of two examiners. Expert study visa advisors in Jalandhar can aid you in completing the application without errors. You can also take the help of experts at sareen lingua world.


Within six weeks after your test date, you must complete an online IELTS reassessment form. You won’t be able to make a request for results enquiry after that time limit has passed. If you are a deserving candidate for better marks, the IELTS administrators will use a senior examiner for commenting, so you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly. Keep in mind that during revaluation, your scores can either increase or stay the same, but they cannot decrease. If you receive the higher bands through the revaluation procedure, you will also receive a full refund of the cost.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide to completing an IELTS revaluation below.

  • The process for filing an online application for a reassessment of your IELTS score is quite straightforward. You will be given a candidate login when you register for the exam, thus the first step is to go to the candidate login part of the applicable IELTS authority’s website.
  • Enter the information you were given during the registration procedure, such as the candidate number.
  • Click the tab EOR once you’ve successfully logged in to the candidate login section. There is a “Apply Now” tab. Simply select the tab to see the EOR application form.
  • Fill out the form online with the required information and make a payment of INR 8475 using your debit or credit card. Along with the online EOR submission, you must also attach your original test report form (TRF).
  • You must submit the following information on an online application: centre name, centre number, candidate name, number, address, and the exam you wish to pass.
  • You can reevaluate all four areas or just one of them. Whether you apply for all or just one module, the charge is the same.
  • Remember that you may only apply for a revaluation online, as the IDP and British Council do not accept paper applications owing to covid.

The EOR procedure is simple and clear, but if you have any questions or concerns, you may seek help from the facility where you enrolled for the exam and received IELTS coaching in Jalandhar.

Taking an IELTS revaluation, on the other hand, might be an excellent idea if you feel you deserve a higher score. However, you can only acquire a maximum increase of 0.5 bands. So, you should think about taking the exam again since it will provide you with another chance to prepare effectively for the desired result, whether it is for an individual module or for total band scores.

For example, if your current band score is 6, but you need a 7, instead of requesting a revaluation, you might take the test again. You may discover the top IELTS Institute in Jalandhar to work on the areas that you believe are causing you to have low band scores.

Also, you can verify with Jalandhar’s experienced study visa consultants to start the training straight away. Moreover, you can inform the teachers of your precise requirements and receive tailored coaching to correct the faults that lead to the negative IELTS scores.


Depending on your comment needs, you will receive an IELTS revaluation result in 2 or 21 days. However, if you are dissatisfied with the outcomes, you should seek guidance from a reputable IELTS teacher who will undoubtedly work for you in a constructive manner to remove the roadblocks to your achievement.

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