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The Best 5 Atolls of Maldives
  1. Raa

A land of untouched nature, barely touched by civilization, Raa Atoll has around 15 inhabited islands. They are concentrated on the eastern side of the archipelago and the cliffs are located in the ring of islands. The flight here from Male airport by air taxi takes 35-40 minutes.

Many divers choose Milaido Reef, famous for its corals, sponges, and underwater caves. Diving in Kakani-Tila, Digali-Haa is famous – reef sharks live here and parrotfish are found in the anemone groves. It is interesting to visit the Madi-Finolhu Reef, where unique black corals and a rare species of mantu rays prevail.

There is only one Meedhupparu island hotel of true European standard in Raa. The irresistible beauty of the landscapes and the sweet authenticity of these places attract the newlyweds who spend their honeymoon here. Don’s miss to check out the top islands in Maldives.

The largest of the eastern islands, Alifushi, is famous for the production of gift boats. On the large western island of Kandolhudoo, whose population is engaged in industrial fishing, you can taste many fish delicacies.

  1. Rasdhoo

The rather miniature island of Rasdhoo, 600 m long and 500 m wide, belongs to the Alif Alif atoll and is located 56 km from the capital.  The calm and peaceful atmosphere, all the necessary tourist infrastructure, and the local coral reef guarantee a wonderful stay.

In the local settlement, 3 diving centres are opened, where there are experienced instructors and modern equipment. In Rasdhoo, women are not allowed to stay on the beach in bathing suits, with the exception of the private beaches of boarding houses: these are Islamic laws. Ferries depart daily for nearby uninhabited islands, except Fridays.

The small beach is spotlessly clean and has soft, coral-free sand. There are small algae near the shore, which do not cause discomfort. You can hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees, there are several sunbeds.

The reef is located almost close to the coast, so they mainly dive in the tides. The underwater kingdom is on the verge of fantasy: incredible specimens of fish, cuttlefish, turtles, sharks, giants, manta rays, and other exotic.

  1. Addu

A fabulously beautiful corner of the planet: the southernmost archipelago of Addu, which includes 23 islands, “scattered” in the shape of a huge horseshoe, is located almost at the equator, 540 km from Male. 

Here, even small uninhabited islands are also in demand by tourists who prefer a secluded vacation, so you can’t do without an airport. It was built on the basis of the former British Air Force Air Base, which played a significant role in the development of local infrastructure.

All pieces of land are protected from storms by a ring of coral reefs, so it is always calm within the lagoon.

Some of the coral reefs are located near the surface of the water, a great place for inexperienced divers. On the island of Fuamulaku, there are ruins of an ancient temple, orange groves, pineapples, and mangoes. Wonderful beaches, excellent service, and lots of fun ensure an unforgettable stay in the tropical paradise of Addu.

  1. Gaafu Alifu

One of the largest and most remote Gaafu atolls is divided into 2 administrative zones: Southern Gaafu Daalu (153 islands, 10 inhabited) and Northern Gaafu Alifu (42 islands). 16 islands of Gaafu Alifu are inhabited, and the others are uninhabited. Tours are cheaper here due to the distance from the centre of the Maldives. The main transportations are seaplanes and aeroplanes from Male and Hululu.

Winds blowing from the west create high waves, a springboard for surfers from all over the world. But even ordinary tourists have something to do on the blessed shores: swimming, swimming, walking against the backdrop of exotic nature, boat excursions. Gaafu Daalu – miles of white sand bordering the bright blue of the ocean and other attributes of the equatorial tropics.

The dispersion of the local islands is favoured by divers. The extraordinary diversity of underwater fauna has made the archipelago a permanent refuge for divers. Octopuses, angelfish, clowns and wrasse, turtles, manta rays, luminous phosphorus jellyfish – the entire spectrum of marine life is represented.

Nobody gets bored on all the local beaches – there is everything for active recreation and entertainment. The local flora is rich in exotic palms, lianas, and banana trees.

  1. Laamu

Despite the undeveloped resort infrastructure, the oval-shaped Laamu archipelago is very popular with beach holiday enthusiasts. Extraordinary terrestrial beauty, an amazing underwater world, and good weather conditions have made Laamu a favourite vacation spot for many tourists.

The always comfortable water and air temperature, the perfectly clean beaches, the lush tropical vegetation, and the mounds of coral reefs are the main attraction factors. Divers make up the majority of vacationers. Here their head turns from what they see under the blue layer of the ocean.

Mysterious caves, mysterious narrow caves, steep cliffs, and an enchanting abundance of ocean fauna have glorified Laama all over the planet. Shallow coral reefs offer fantastic views for the casual vacationer.

On 12 inhabited islands there are all conditions for a comfortable pastime when you can forget all the daily problems and dive into the enchanting world of peace and happiness.

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